Visterra, founded in 2008, based on technologies from the Sasisekharan Lab. The Hierotope™ platform identifies regions on an antigen critical to the molecule’s structure and function, and designs therapeutics to target that epitope.

Visterra’s lead candidate, VIS410, is a broad-spectrum human monoclonal antibody targeting influenza A. VIS410 is entering the clinic in 2014, to be followed with a pan-Dengue antibody candidate in 2015. In October 2014, Visterra raised $ 30 Million Series B funding to move forward with the clinical programs for Influenza and Dengue.

Schematic of the Hierotope™ system

Visterra’s Hierotope™ Platform utilizes proprietary technology, drug design and engineering and know-how deployed through a distinctive drug discovery and development process.
Image courtesy of Visterra