Tychan Pte Ltd

Tychan was an infectious disease-focused product company based in Singapore. Tychan’s technology platform integrated innovations in data analytics, bio-manufacturing processes and regulatory sciences to bring candidate biologics to human trials faster. Tychan used convergent analytics to define molecular fingerprints for reliable tracking of safety and potency of biologics throughout the manufacturing process – from cell selection to final product. Using this approach, Tychan has brought a first-in-class anti-Zika virus therapeutic into Phase 1 trials within 12 months of conceptualization. Also, Tychan brought a first-in-class anti-Yellow Fever virus therapeutic into Phase 1 trials within 7 months of conceptualization. Further, using the same approach Tychan initiated Phase I clinical for its anti-COVID therapeutic in a record 4 months and successfully completed these studies.

The company was founded based on technologies developed in the Sasisekharan Lab at MIT and SMART.

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