Momenta specializes in in the analysis, characterization, and design of complex molecules. The firm has developed a pipeline for the development of complex generics as well as novel drugs. Its first commercial drug, a generic version of Lenovox®, was approved and launched in 2010. A generic version of Copaxone® is currently in development. Necuparanib, a novel multi-target oncology drug, is in phase 1 clinical trials.

Founded in 2001 based on technologies developed by the Sasisekharan Laboratory, Momenta Pharmaceuticals grew into a multi-billion dollar company. Momenta went public [MNTA] in 2004. Its 60,000 square foot facility is located in Cambridge. Momenta has been acquired by Johnson & Johnson.

Boxes of Enoxaparin Sodium Injection in 30 mg and 40 mg doses

Over 9 million people have used Momenta’s Enoxaparin Sodium Injection